Test your kpop knowledge with the STATOGROIES app!

In the K-pop universe, there are many music apps to satisfy fans’ thirst for K-content, but not all of them have a fun component. This is where STATOGROIES come in. The STATOGORIES app quizzes you on your knowledge of Kpop streaming. The premise of the game is to simply guess which song has more streams on Spotify.

Gareth Evans, creator of STATTOGORIES shares why he added a Kpop component to the app saying. “K-pop is growing in popularity around the world and the STATTOGORIES Spotify mode felt like it was missing something without it and so we decided it was time to make it so that all the K-pop fans around the world had a game mode they could enjoy. We hope the new addition will be fun and entertaining. Based on the other Spotify modes, if people can get a score of 10 or more it’s definitely worth sharing!”

You can play the game HERE!

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