TRI.BE Talks About Their New EP and Overcoming Challenges in Exclusive Interview with Tokkistar

TRI.BE, a Seven-member K-pop girl group, has recently released their new EP, “W.A.Y.,” featuring the title track “WE ARE YOUNG.” Tokkistar had the chance to chat with the group about the meaning behind their new release and their personal experiences.

SoEun, the group’s lead rapper, shared that “WE ARE YOUNG” is a song about expressing thoughts that are often difficult to voice, especially in today’s society. The chorus “We are young, we are young, we are young yeah” is catchy and reflects the energetic style of TRI.BE.

The youth of today face a variety of challenges and struggles as they navigate the transition from childhood to adulthood. These struggles can include navigating relationships, discovering their identities, dealing with societal pressures, and finding their place in the world.

HyunBin, main rapper, talked about the challenges facing young people today, stating that fear of new challenges and unfamiliar environments is a common issue. However, just like their song, the group hopes to inspire others to overcome their fears and learn valuable lessons along the way.

When asked about what they want their fans to take away from “W.A.Y.,” MiRe, main dancer and maknae, said that she wants fans to gain confidence, hope, and new dreams by looking at TRI.BE. The group hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams, just like they did when they started their journey to becoming idols.

Personally, I wish our fans can gain confidence and hope! Just like how I started my dream of becoming an idol after watching BLACKPINK, I wish our fans can look at TRI.BE to gain confidence, hope and new dreams.


As those dreams begin to take shape we wanted to take a step back and ask “what advice would you give your younger self during your trainee days?”

Kelly, the lead vocalist, reflected on her trainee days and advised her younger self to trust and believe in herself more. Because she use to lack confidence.

I would probably say that I should trust myself more and believe in myself more. When I was young, I lacked confidence and was shy, so I want to advise myself to be more confident.


What’s the secret behind TRI.BE’s great teamwork?

SongSun, the leader, attributed TRI.BE’s great teamwork to their ability to communicate openly and honestly with each other. She believes that this contributes to the group’s charming energy.

I would say our teamwork… comes from everybody being an E (reference to the members’ MBTI’s). We’re very open to each other so we always communicate our honest thoughts, allowing us to harmonize and get along well. I think this kind of amazing teamwork contributes to TRI.BE’s charming energy.


What’s TRI.BE’s goal for 2023?

Jia: Rather than having a specific goal, we wish that more people get to know TRI.BE both inside and outside of Korea! We would love to become a team that people say, “I know them, they’re the team that does really well.”

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?

SongSun: To our international TRUE, “We are young!” Whenever you’re feeling down or tired, TRI.BE will always be by your side to give you our young energy. We really want to see you and we’re sure we’ll get to meet one day! We miss you and love you!!

“WE ARE YOUNG” and the rest of “W.A.Y.” is now available on all streaming platforms, and fans can catch TRI.BE’s latest performances on various music shows.

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