Up and Rising, Junhyeok Seo’s Brings Out Smashing New Album – M.M.C.A

On August 29, Junhyeok Seo released a music video for “In My Clouds”, as well as an album called “Mokdong Museum of Contemporary Art” (M.M.C.A)

Junhyeok Seo, also known as DOSHi, is an underrated R&B artist who is best known for his creative flow of music. The creative talent along with his hard-working drive towards his passion for music is whole-heartedly evident in this collection of songs.

According to Spotify, DOSHi first started releasing music around 2018 with the song “Divin“.

He has released some work on his YouTube page as well as on Spotify. DOSHi has also released whole EP’s on YouTube, so his work is accessible for everyone to check out!

DOSHi’s music is something that is refreshing and pleasing to the ears. His music will leave heads bopping and his audience vibing all night.

Here is one of the first videos he has posted on his channel. DOSHi is also part of a crew called GR8VATTIC that work together to produce meaningful music like this.

Junhyeok Seo has just released a full-length album titled “Mokdong Museum of Contemporary Art”. The album consists of twelve tracks which would be perfect additions for your next road trip. The songs are just wholesome dreamy vibes itself.

The album features artists, some who are apart of GR8VATTIC; HWAJA, B. JYUN, Jword, Zesty, Holmsted, FR:EDEN, and MRCH.

There isn’t much known about this artist and the crew, as a whole, yet but I could only see a bright future ahead for him and the group. I have just been introduced to him, and I wish I listened to his music earlier, because, wow, he is such a talent.

Follow @junhyeokseo_ul (Junhyeok Seo) to see what he’s up to. If you haven’t already, check out Junhyeok Seo’s latest MV “In My Clouds”.

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