WayV Release Teaser For “Kick Back”

On March 9th, SM uploaded a teaser for Wayv’s upcoming release “Kick Back.”

According to SM…

This title song’Kick Back (秘境)’ is a dance song of the progressive R&B genre that combines energetic vocals and a relaxed flow rap.The lyrics contain a positive message to portray the future unfolding together. It is enough to meet bright and intense charm.

Also, in commemoration of the release of the new album, WayV broadcasts an online showcase worldwide through YouTube and NAVER V LIVE’s WayV channel from 7pm KST on the 10th, and the first release of the title song’Kick Back (秘境)’ Of course, high interest is expected as we plan to communicate with global fans by telling various stories such as new album introduction and recent talk.

Wayv’s new track and mini-album “Kick Back” are set to release on March 10th, 8 PM (KST.) Stay tuned for more info on WayV’s comeback!

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