Xiumin Talks About Being The Oldest Member of EXO

On an episode of “Life Bar” Xiumin shared his hardships about being the oldest member of EXO. He stated

“There is this heaviness being the oldest hyung.”

He elaborated on the topic saying “I also know how to joke around and be light but I have too many dongsaengs. So, when I’m with my members, I become the quiet type who doesn’t act up. That part is a bit unfortunate and hard for me.”

As the show continued Xiumin was asked if any of the EXO members ever get into fights.

He replied with..

We’ve never got in a physical fight. We all know that if someone gets in a fight then they will not be coming to practice. And we hate that because we would have to practice and set up the lines again for the missing member. If emotions build up, we sit together and talk. And things settle down faster if we have a couple drinks.”

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