April’s Summer Song of the Season: “Now Or Never”

Good Vibes Only

On July 29, DSP Media’s April released a new music video for the title song “Now or Never” along with a “Summer Special” album. 

This fruity fresh song only calls for clear skies, sunshine, and summer vibes. With all of us stuck in quarantine, we can bring summer to us with April’s fresh new song. You can guarantee yourself rocking to “Now or Never”, with the start of the very first beat! 

Upon watching the music video, we are given nostalgic moments of our sweet youthful summers. Summer is all about colorful fireworks lighting up the night sky, smokey smore campfire days with best friends and juicy watermelons by the cool summer waves. As you take a deep breath in, you could almost smell the sweet crisp smell of the breezy ocean next to you. Those beautiful feelings are all brought to you in this catchy new single, “Now or Never”. 

According to DSP Media, “Now or Never” is “…said to be full of fresh charm.” Through the new song, we can feel April’s “bright and energetic” attitude. 

In the “Summer Special Album: ‘Hello Summer'”, two new songs are released along with their instrumental counterparts. The album includes the title track, “Now or Never” along with the song, “Paradise”.

This is the perfect song to include in your 2 AM random dance session. To lift your mood or feel that concert vibe, play this song on blast in the comfort of your room because I assure you, that you will immediately feel so high-spirited and energetic afterward. 

If you haven’t already, check out the music video below.

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