Yoon Du-Jun First Solo: “Lonely Night”

HIGHLIGHT’s Yoon Du-Jun makes his first-ever solo comeback since his debut twelve years ago and it was WORTH every bit of the wait! 

On July 27, Yoon Du-Jun released his EP called “Daybreak” as well as the music video for the song “Lonely Night”. This EP felt like a soothing set of songs to vibe to on a long night drive. With a similar feeling of lo-fi beats mixed with Yoon Du-Jun honey-like voice, the tracks had an emotion of consolement. Each track after the next are perfect renditions of songs to listen to when one is feeling down or wanting to unwind during their break. 

“Lonely Night”, the song on its own, seemed classy and slightly modern. The song gave off the idea of a powerful person that just does not have time to deal with trivial things. Or the vibe of a gorgeous looking person that is sick of hearing compliments. If I could give one line to justify the feeling that was expressed just from the background beats of the music, it would be this one; Lion King’s Scar, “I’m surrounded by idiots.” 

This dynamically energetic song gave off a powerful vibe that allows its audience to taste this feeling of confident energy and it works so well! 

Upon watching the music video and truly looking at the lyrics, we can see that the song also looks within the confident looking person. A person may seem so bold and busy on the outside, but on the inside, they may just be alone. 

Loneliness is a feeling that everyone can feel. In the tenderness of a cold night, one could feel so alone that they could lose themselves. In the midst of a crowd or when unwanted business fills up the day, loneliness catches to you. I feel as if this song can resemble anyone in multiple different ways. It’s because this song has a way of connecting with its audience that makes it a song that will receive a lot of love. 

The nonchalant vibe it gives mixed with its honest lyrics makes this song something to constantly come back too. 

If you haven’t already, check out the music video below.