Could KAMP be the kpop version of Coachella?

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On August 16th a neon green teaser with a dream kpop lineup appeared on everyone’s timeline. Listed were artists such as Monsta X, Super Junior, Kai, and Somi, with a message at the end saying “and many more.” Leaving onlookers to anticipate who else could be coming.

The anticipation ended on August 19th and the 22nd when a new crop of heavy-hitting artists was announced, the lineup included the likes of Taeyeon, Aespa, Epik High, Momoland, and T1419. A festival with a lineup such as this is something we haven’t seen since 2014 kcon. You could even say KAMP LA is a kpop version of Coachella, since the event is focused more on giving fans a chance to see as many artists as possible.

In a press release from the creators of KAMP LA, the two express that they want this to be the ultimate kpop experience.

CEO of Eventim Live Asia and business partner of KAMP went on to say that KAMP LA is a meaningful step in the right direction and that the best is yet to come!

KAMP LA is set to take place on October 15th and 16th, at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Tickets are on sale now and to get more information about KAMP LA check out the links below.

Website: https://www.kampla2022.com/
Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/kampfestivals/

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