Dear. M: Review

Idols in K-Dramas is always fun and exciting, especially if it’s a romance drama. Seeing your favorite idols take on a role you’ve never seen them play is the most exciting part of being a fan. When news that NCT’s Jaehyuns was to play not only a love interest but also a lead role, I had to watch this K-Drama.

Dear.M is about college students navigating through love, friendship and the societal pressures around them. We follow our main characters Ma Joo-A ( Park Hye-soo) and Cha Min-Ho (Jaehyun) who have been friends for over 12 years. Ma Joo- A has a bubbly personality and is warm-hearted. Her personality makes her very approachable and kind but she’s never been interested in pursuing a romantic relationship nor a dream career. That is until she meets someone that makes her heart flutter for the first time and challenges her. Cha Min- Ho is kind and incredibly smart, being the complete opposite of Ma Joo – A he has had a few relationships but they never seem to last long.

 When an anonymous love confession was posted on their school page, suddenly everything shifts and relationships seem to change. Would their friendship be shaken as well by this anonymous post? Could nothing be able to change this 12 year friendship?

When we think of first love, first heartbreak and even figuring out what you want to pursue in life we think of High School students, however, Dear M portrays these topics in a college setting which makes it relatable for many viewers. It doesn’t make it seem weird or uncomfortable, instead it shows it in a relatable and light-hearted way. 

This drama became a favorite and fun to watch. Every character was wonderfully written and portrayed. I cried when they cried and laughed when they laughed. This drama is perfect to watch with group of friends or to wind down after a long day.

Of-course a K-Drama is never completed without an amazing soundtrack and OST’s. Without any spoilers here is a favorite OST.