(EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW) Emily Mei Talks about My Domain, her passion for music and more!

Emily Mei is a monster creative defining her own path in the music industry. The singer recently released a new single entitled “My Domain.”A song about freeing yourself from toxicity caused by a friend or significant other. The song features Amber from f(x) and former CLC member Sorn. Today we’ll talk to Emily about her music, career, and more!

TS: Congratulations on your new song release! Can you tell us a bit about the meaning of the song?

Emily: Thank you so much! This song is about breaking free from a toxic person who plays with your feelings, and them wanting you back when they see you doing well. I don’t just mean a significant other, and it can also include toxic friends. This song tells you that you don’t need them in your life and you’re better without them!

TS: How did the collaboration with Amber and Sorn come about?

Emily: It came very naturally! I couldn’t imagine doing it without my two best friends, and they were kind enough to hop on this project even though I’m a small potato and they are my queens, haha

TS: Your video for “My Domain” is a visual masterpiece. What inspired the MV concept?

Emily: I’ve had this storyline in my head for a long time and drawn concept arts for it. I knew I wanted a futuristic, cyberpunk feel to match the action! I wanted to do Neo-Shanghai for the city to bring Chinese elements to match the traditional designs on Mei’s jacket!

TS: Has music always been a passion of yours?

Emily: Yes! I played guitar for about 7 years and played the zither for about 3 years. I used to sing and play my guitar all alone because I was too shy to do it in front of anyone!

TS: Where do you draw your inspiration from musically to create your sound?

Emily: I draw a lot of inspo from citypop for most of my music actually. For My Domain, I knew I wanted groovy verses but a hard EDM hook so I listened to a lot of EDM tracks while working on this!

TS: Lastly, what is one thing you want everyone to know about “My Domain?”

Emily: I want people to listen to My Domain and feel inspired to let go of toxic people in their life and realize they’re better off without them. I want to give the confidence I wish I had before and inspire people to go beyond their limits. This is your domain, you own this space!

We want to give a special thanks to Emily for interviewing with us and everyone who helped us make this happen!

Check out My Domain below!

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