(EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW) Mirani talks about her regrets, new music, and more!

Meet Mirani, a soloist who burst on the scene in 2020 after appearing on the rap survival show “Show Me The Money.” During her time on the series, she released the singles ‘VVS’ and ‘Achoo,‘ which both charted on the Gaon Digital Charts. The artist would later sign with the label Area, where she released her single album “Daisy.” Today, we’ll talk to Mirani about her career, inspirations, and new music.

TS: Congratulations on the success you’ve had with your song “Daisy.” Can you tell us a bit about the meaning of the song?

Mirani: It means that Mirani will bloom more flowers- she has been afraid of the spring, but now she will embrace it and spread it. “Daisy” refers to the beginning of spring for Mirani.

TS: How did you get your stage name Mirani?

Mirani: I liked the comic series [Detective Conan]. While reading it, I thought the name ‘Mirani’ would suit me well.

TS: You recently released the song “Lambo!” with UNEDUCATED KID. How did this collaboration come about?

Mirani: I thought UNEDUCATED KID would go with “Lambo!”, as this song is elating but has subtle sadness inside its lyrics. UNEDUCATED KID is one of my favorite artists- I thought he would express this song well.

TS: Does fashion play a significant role in how you express yourself as an artist?

Mirani: Yes, especially nowadays. Visuals cannot be separated from music. Fashion is a visual way to express oneself, and it could be a unique element of an attractive artist.

TS: What inspires your song lyrics?

Mirani: My every thought, feeling, and experience. Even when I talk with someone, I get inspired. Sometimes I watch a film or go out on purpose for inspiration.

TS: What was your experience like being on the survival show “SHOW ME THE MONEY 9?” Did you have any regrets?

Mirani: I have many regrets. I’m strict to myself- I can’t even watch the clips of me performing in SMTM9. Nevertheless, I tried my best and learned so many things there. It was very challenging, but I gained really valuable lessons.

TS: How did you prepare before joining the program?

Mirani: I worked on my spirit and mettle. They matter more than perfect skills. Confidence within myself- it is more attractive than anything else. I tried to become as ebullient as I could.

TS: What do you want your music to say about you?

Rather than something fancy, I want my music to talk about the life we live. I always hope that my music could be with you in various moments of life. I don’t want my music to be difficult to approach. I hope my songs could be your background music, whenever you feel happy, excited, or depressed… just like your friend!

TS: What will be your next project, and would you be interested in performing in the USA?

Mirani: I’m planning to go on a tour to Europe in January! I’m so excited. I’m planning to do more global projects, step by step. Surely, I want to perform in the USA. I especially want to visit LA.

TS: Lastly, what is something you’d like to say to your international fans?

Mirani: Thank you for loving my music and supporting me. Although we cannot face each other, I hope my voice could touch you. We would meet someday, right? Stay healthy and I wish you luck for the upcoming year! Love you!

We want to give a special thanks to Mirani for interviewing with us and everyone who helped us make this happen!

Check out Mirani’s new MVs below!



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