GSoul blessed his fans with the new EP ‘Natural’

“I’d run through the storm to get to you right now; It’s so natural to love you.” The R&B singer softly sings in the song ‘Natural.’

GSoul(지소울) ‘Natural.’
2021.12. 2 Digital Release

After being on hiatus for a short period, GSoul is back with a soulful body of work. His new EP ‘Natural’ Talks about growth, love, and loyalty.


Throughout the title track’ Natural,’ the singer bares his soul, exploring his feelings about being in love with a significant other.

The MV for the track expands on this notion. As stated in a press release, “It opens with GSoul standing in between two rock formations followed by a sequence of various shots of nature. Throughout the music video, certain lyrics of the song are visualized and his feelings are conveyed by its respective nature shots.

GSoul’s presence at various points in the video ultimately symbolizes his strong devotion to the relationship of his love regardless of where and what form in nature it takes.”

Continuing, GSoul talked about his project being a gift to his fans, saying that they helped him overcome the depression caused by the pandemic. At one point, the singer stated he wanted to stop writing music altogether. However, with fans’ help, he overcame those fears.

What I love about my fans is that they get me like foreal foreal even when I’m silent. This project really is my message to my fans about how much I love them and how I’ve been. I think I used to just write and make music for me hoping someone would hear me. I just hope my fans feel my love for them from this project as much as I always feel their love and support. I’m so grateful.”


Natural is GSoul’s first English mini-album, released on Dec 2nd. The EP includes four English tracks with a Korean version of Natural.

Check out GSoul’s new EP below!




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