Ilhoon Leaves BTOB Amid Marijuana Allegations

Cube Entertainment ain’t been the same since they lost our queen

On December 31st Cube Entertainment announced that BTOB member Ilhoon would be leaving the group.

Here’s their statement…

“First, we would like to bow our heads in apology for causing concerns with issues involving our label’s artist Jung Ilhoon.

Jung Ilhoon is currently feeling the heavy burden of his actions which broke the trust of his fans and caused significant disappointment. The agency also recognized the severity of this issue at hand, and after a serious discussion, we have decided to respect the wishes of the individual who has chosen to leave his group as not to inflict further damage.

Once again, the agency recognizes the severe weight of the current situation, and we promise to do our best so that Ilhoon can participate in his ongoing investigation diligently.

From here on, BTOB will continue promoting as 6-members, and we will also provide our best efforts and aid so that BTOB can continue to show a mature image on stage.

Once again, we apologize sincerely to fans who love and cheer on BTOB.” 

This news comes after the rapper was accused of purchasing marijuana recently.

Authors note:

I’m so over idols being demonized for smoking or buying some MaryJane. Almost everyone in the idol industry seems to be using it, and a few aren’t really hiding it because some even mention it in their music. Korea might as well legalize marijuana because this probably won’t stop.

I know; I’m looking at this from a Westerner perspective, which can be problematic at times. However, I don’t think an idol should lose their job just because they decided to try or buy some weed.

What do you think?

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