Did RAIN and JYP plagiarize Bobby Brown’s Every Little Step?

On December 31st, an Instagram blog called “the neighborhood talk” posted a video stating that RAIN and JYP’s song “Switch To Me” sounds exactly like Bobby Brown’s Every Little Step.


Many of the account’s followers were outraged, saying this is yet another instance of black culture being used without giving proper credit.

Rain and JYP ‘s collab is being promoted as a new jack swing 80s – 90s concept. JYP actually wrote the song, and in an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, it was mentioned that the track would-be influenced by Bobby Brown and Babyface.

Here’s a snippet of the article…

The lyrics of the new song ‘Let’s Change to Me’ are set in which two people fight over a woman.

I chose the genre before the lyrics for this song. There are two pillars in my music, one is Soul and Funk, influenced by Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson, and the other is the New Jack Swing genre, played by Babyface and Bobby Brown, and this is the New Jack Swing. This is the genre that I do best because I have been doing it for 27 years.

-Cosmopolitan Korea

As of now, there has been no comment from Bobby Brown’s team about the song similarities.

So, what do you think?

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Author’s note:

Even though it’s mentioned that Bobby Brown influenced the song, it doesn’t negate that their track sounds like a duplicate of every little step. After just listening to 10 seconds of “Switch To Me,” I could hear the similarities. And if this was plagiarized, they need to pay up. Plain and simple.

Check out some of Bobby Brown’s discography because it’s actually good. I learned about his music after Brintey Spears covered his song “My Prerogative.”