Jessi’s Fire Comeback Promo

In less than 7 days, Jessi’s Mini Album will finally be released. The last time Jessi released a project was back in March called “Digital Lover”, originally sung by Crush. Fans are overwhelmed with excitement since the announcement of not only a new single but a mini album release!

So far, we only know a bit of information about this new mini album. The album will be released on 7/30, July 30th, Thursday at 6PM (KST). Jay Park and KARD’s BM will also be featured in this album!

Wind your clocks and create your alarms so you don’t miss out a history in the making.

On Jessi’s official Instagram, @jessicah_o, Jessi has released some promotional pictures counting down to the album.

About 9 hours ago, Jessi also released the track list for the mini album. Included on the list of songs are; “Who Dat B” and “Drip” feat. Jay Park, that was released September and November of last year, 2019.

BM of KARD will be featured in the track “Put it on ya”!

If you haven’t already, you can check “Who Dat B” and “Drip” below.