“One Day It Will Stop…” – LEE HI

One day it will stop and you will be able to stop crying, and stop feeling the emotions that have held you down for so long. One day you will be able to get up from the lonely state you were in and you will come back stronger out of this.

Lee Hi’s has created a beautiful song yet again to heal hearts and minds. Her new song “Holo” looks at the hard days and the days where it’s difficult to move on. “Holo” or “홀로” means “alone”, in Korean. This song talks about how sometimes even the midst of happiness, one could still feel so alone… But one day it will stop.

“Not even basking in the sunlight or taking a deep breath could make things easier. One day it will stop.”

I think this song has a way of resonating with everyone in its own way. Sometimes days could be so difficult that one would feel like giving up, they could feel like throwing it all away but overtime, that feeling will wash away.

The emotions will still linger but Lee Hi says, “After countless nights of suffering, I finally get it now. I’m too precious to just sit around and worry.”

Lee Hi’s delicately heart-warming lyrics with her strong vocals makes this a song that can give anyone the strength they need to move on.

If you haven’t already, please check out the song below, “Holo”.