Teaser for BlackPink’s New Song Leaves Fans Curious!

K-Pop’s iconic girl group is set to release a popping new single after their latest song “How You Like That”.

Part of the promotional countdown to their 1st album release, this will be their second pre-single song. Not much about the single has been confirmed yet other than a colorful, fruity pink promoted poster and a potential collaboration.

The poster has been posted on Blackpink’s official Instagram account, @blackpinkofficial. According to the poster, the anticipated single is set to release in August.

The poster presents four of Blackpink’s singers, Jisoo, Rose, Lisa, and Jennie as well as a mysterious fifth singer, hinting towards a collab with an artist we may already know. Fans are speculating that the fifth unknown person may be Ariana Grande or Doja Cat.

One of the latest collaborators with Blackpink has been Dua Lipa.  An accomplished singer, Dua Lipa has previously worked with Blackpink on the hit song, “Kiss and Makeup”, that has over 366 million listens on Spotify. Will this new single also feature Dua Lipa? Or could this be another hidden singer? Oh, the anticipation!

As of last, Blackpink recently released their energizing song “How You Like That”! The catchy song was released on June 26th and accumulated to over 96 million listens on Spotify! The four talented singers came back with a long-awaited song and did not disappoint in the least. With the combination of powerful dance moves and refreshingly strong vocals, the classy singers came ready to dominate the musical charts.

Have you recovered from “How You Like That”? If not, get ready to rock again to another awaited hit!

If you haven’t already, check out “How You Like That?” below!