JUNNY Set To Drop English ver of “Not About You”

“Not About You (ENG Ver.)” is one of the most personal pieces JUNNY has ever released.
Will be available on all streaming platforms on December 1st

Photo cr: Unbound Entertainment

After dropping his first studio album, blanc, earlier this year, the Korean-Canadian artist successfully conducted his first tour with the same name among fans cheering for him in 11 cities all around North America, Canada, and Europe. Gaining encouragement from all the love he received, JUNNY will be releasing the title song’s complete English version “Not About You (ENG Ver.)” as a token of gratitude.

Continuing to showcase his personal sound, “Not About You (ENG Ver.)” follows the original R&B-pop sound with a rich melody and JUNNY’s sweet vocals. While the arrangement plays with additional drum and bass elements in the hook to highlight the contrary between an average love song and the artist’s story.

The song starts nostalgic and almost yearning, but it quickly brings in a plot twist with an upbeat shift in sound. In “Not About You (ENG Ver.),” JUNNY reminisces about a break-up in his early 20s, and the vague memories turn into a straightforward message to his ex-lover.

The release comes at the perfect time as the end of the year is approaching, and everyone is starting to look back on their year or even further. JUNNY’s liberating goodbye makes a perfect song to put on repeat while closing yet another chapter in our lives—but with complete fulfillment this time. 

“Not About You” might sound relatable to many, but it’s also one of the most personal pieces JUNNY has ever released. Getting lost in these memories, and composing this song brought JUNNY out of writer’s block caused by his self-imposed pressure of always improving and creating his best. 

“Not About You (ENG Ver.)” will be released on all streaming platforms on December 1st

November 30, 2022 Wednesday 9pm PST

December 1, 2022 Thursday 12am EST

December 1, 2022 Thursday 2pm KST

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