Kyla Leaves Pristin Temporarily Due To Health issues. + Fans theories

On October 12th it was announced that Kyla will be leaving Pristin temporarily to receive treatment for her health issues. Her doctor revealed that she needs to rest because her health is deteriorating. The group will continue on as 9 while Kyla receives treatment.

Pledis Entertainment released a statement saying..

We have come to deliver unfortunate news to fans who love PRISTIN. After returning home to her home in the U.S. to rest during Chuseok and receiving a doctor’s check up, Kyla received advice to rest. Kyla wanted to continue her promotions while receiving treatment, and the company also hoped Kyla could go on promoting, but the doctor revealed that it would be difficult for Kyla to go on with her promotions in her current state of health and put recovery as her utmost priority. As a result, we have decided that it would be best for Kyla to focus on recovery at her home in the U.S, despite our regrets

We apologize to fans who love PRISTIN and Kyla for bringing sudden news. However, we concluded that the most important thing is Kyla’s health, and made this decision while considering the long run. Kyla will rejoin PRISTIN once her health returns. Again, we ask fans to be understanding.


While fans have been expressing their kind words for Kyla and believe what Pledis has stated, others are not so sure they’ve heard the entire truth. Some fans speculate that the company is sending Kyla away to get plastic surgery, while other fans think Kyla left because of the hate she was getting in Korea. Whatever the case may be, we hope Kyla recovers well and returns to Pristin stronger than ever!

Get well soon Kyla

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