Day6 gives stadium like performance for Austin Fanmeet

It was crunk! (I’m bringing back crunk) #TheDeathOfLIT

Day6 performed legends on October 22nd for their Fanmeet in Austin. The day started with fans from all parts of Texas lining up to see the show. When we asked a few MyDays (Day6’s Fandom) how long they were in line, some confessed they’ve been there since 4 AM! Talk about dedication. During the show, member Young K even spoke about that fact, saying he thought it was mind-blowing they would wait so long to see them perform (But who wouldn’t!)

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The show started with the boys singing one of my personal favorite songs I Wait. They followed by singing I’m Serious, and many other hits.

Some of the highlights that happened during the event would be when the boys answered fans’ questions for the segment “Random facts about Day6”  The most shocking question was, “What part of your body do you wash first while showering” lol!! Another highlight would be when one fan fainted during their performance for “You Were Beautiful” Jae literally stopped the show to check if the fan was ok. He later stressed to MyDays to stay hydrated.

Overall, Day6 performed legends! They even stated that they would definitely come back to Austin. Jae even hinted that they might perform at SXSW next year. So I guess we’ll have to stay tuned!

Check out some photos we took at the event!

We want to thank Subk for having us as press at this event; they are too awesome!


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