Netizens Praise ILLIT for their Encore Performance

Previously, ILLIT’s encore performance gained widespread attention online, with both Korean and international netizens commenting that the girls were unable to sing live. This led to speculation that HYBE was debuting groups that lacked vocal talent.

However, the girls recently performed again, and this time their encore performance has received praise. Many netizens have noted an improvement in their singing and are now expressing hope for the group’s future as idols.

  1. “Wonhee will definitely become big in the future. They must have recognized the controversy surrounding the encore, but they managed to dance with great effort and complete their part perfectly.”

  2. “Today’s live performance was stable❤️.”

  3. “It’s great to see that they have improved more than their first encore live performance. It’s really fortunate. If they continue to show such good performances, they will probably enjoy and perform even better in the future.”

  4. “I’m glad to see that they seem to be growing by listening to feedback ㅠㅠ”

  5. “They’ve improved a lot. It’s nice to see everyone working hard on the encore. Since they can continue to grow more and more, it would be great to see them enjoy the stage more. I’ll support you, ILLIT.”

  6. “I’ll cheer for you to achieve even more first places in the future and enjoy even more! You are my lucky charm.”

  7. “Well done!!! It’s really nice to see you continuously improving!”

  8. “It’s good to see improvement! ILLIT, fighting!”


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