ONF Releases Schedule For Their 1st Album”ONF: MY NAME”

On Feb 11th, WM Entertainment released an official schedule for ONF’s 1st Album entitled “ONF: MY NAME” on social media.

The schedule teaser starts off by linking each member together by different code names with info about their comeback listed below.

In a press released, the company gives fans a more in-depth description of the boy’s ongoing concept.

“ONF went on a time journey in parallel worlds in the last 5th EP ‘SPIN-OFF.’ Recently, they released an opening trailer video of 1st ALBUM. The video shows a future city like SF movies. It was very unconventional, and it makes fans expect a broader worldview.”

Fans can look forward to seeing what kind of connection the newly released organizational charts will have in the coming days.

In the meantime, ONF’s 1st Album, “ONF: MY NAME” is set to drop on Feb 24th at 6 PM (KST)


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