[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] With The Kpop Singer AleXa!

Meet AleXa, a soloist who burst on the scene in 2017 after winning Cube and Soompi’s – Rising Legends contest. The singer would later sign with ZB Label, a label owned by the legendary K-pop MV production company, Zany-bros. And soon after, she competed in the survival show PRODUCE 48, where she would make a long-lasting impression on k-pop fans from around the world. Today we’ll talk to AleXa about her career, inspirations, and new music.

TS: Can you tell us the meaning behind your latest single, “Never Let You Go?”

AleXa: “Never Let You Go” speaks on missing something from the past- it is completely open to interpretation on whether it is a friend, a lover, or in my personal interpretation, one’s past self.

TS: What’s your songwriting process like/What inspires your song lyrics?

AleXa: I am only responsible for the English version of “Bomb,” and most of the rap verses in my songs, thus far. I am fortunate enough to be able to tweak the lyrics during recording sessions, which is something I am immensely grateful for. I do not have my hand in the creation of the songs, themselves, YET- but someday (hopefully soon!) when I learn to compose, I can start to contribute~

TS: How would you describe your music to somebody who’s never heard it before?

AleXa: Three words: Intense. Cardio. Experimental.

TS: Who are your musical influences?

AleXa: Always and forever, David Bowie is my number one artist that I love. His music was something I listened to a lot, growing up, along with many other artists from similar decades. I’m an old soul, so I enjoy the sounds from the 50s to the 80s. Out of today’s artists, some that I really enjoy are Troye Sivan, Ashnikko, Doja Cat, and Billie Eilish.

TS: Was it always your dream to become a kpop Idol?

AleXa: My dream was always to be a performer. I wanted to be able to express myself through performance, no matter what the medium. However, upon stumbling into the magical world of K-pop in 2008, the aspiration to become an idol solidified itself in my mind~

TS: What was the inspiration behind Bomb and Revolution?

AleXa: “Bomb,” my debut track, is just about unapologetically being yourself- be loud and be proud, or in a word, be explosive. It’s just a power anthem to hype you up. As for “Revolution”, it’s about being in unity to stand up for what you believe in, having the strength to move forward and make change.

TS: What’s on your playlist right now?

AleXa: Lots of early Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Rihanna, The Beatles, and various musicals.

TS: What is next for AleXa? Any plans to tour the U.S after the pandemic?

AleXa: Once the state of the world is safer and things are calmed, without a shadow of doubt, I would love to go on tour. We don’t want to hop on a plane IMMEDIATELY, of course- time is necessary for safety precautions…so until that day comes, I wish nothing more than for my fans to stay safe and healthy!!

Check out AleXa’s new single, “Never Let You Go” and latest single “REVOLUTION.”Special thanks to AleXa for interviewing with us! And ZB LABEL for giving us this opportunity.



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