P1Harmony light up the night in MV for “Do It Like This”

Following a successful year in 2021, the boy group is gearing up to have an even more successful 2022. After making waves with their performance at a Major League Soccer Match in Los Angeles in October. P1Harmony has comeback with their third EP, DISHARMONY: FIND OUT, led by the new single “Do It Like This.”

Co-written by P1Harmony members Intak and Jongseob, The title track “Do It Like This” is a fun, upbeat genre-bending song guaranteed to get you off your feet. The MV had fans gushing over the boy’s charismatic charm and unique colors. The song carries the message of always believing in one’s unlimited possibilities and never ever giving up on your dreams.

DISHARMONY: FIND OUT is the last part of P1Harmony’s trilogy series. The group previously released the EPs: DISHARMONY: STAND OUT and DISHARMONY: BREAK OUT. The trilogy tells the story of the group’s overarching mission to bring harmony to the world.

Check out P1Harmony’s MV below!

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