(EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW) GHOST9 Talks about their new music, Fans, and more!

Meet GHOST9, a seven-member boy group from South Korea that made their mark on the kpop world in 2020 with the EP “PRE EPISODE 1: DOOR.” The monster rookies recently came back with their newest release, NOW: Who we are facing. A continuation of the group’s album series Now: Where We Are, Here & Now: When We Are In Love. Today we’ll speak with the group about their music, hopes for the future, and more!

TS: What’s the meaning behind your group name GHOST9?

Junhyung: The team that surprises the world as they appear as unexpectedly as a ghost

Shin: Appear surprisingly as a ghost and become a group that gives out dreams and hope.

Kangsung: Like a ghost, we will approach the audience anytime and from anywhere. I don’t want to be a scary ghost, but rather a supportive spirit.

Junseong: The seven members and nine ghosts named “Gleez” travel the world and send out hope and courage. As mentioned, we want to become a global group.

Prince: Our group name GHOST9 comes from our group’s origin love story in which a world where ghosts and our members interact.

Woojin: We are friends of Gleez and have our own worldview.

JinWoo: We will approach global fans as ghosts could.

TS: Which member do you think fits this comeback the best?

Junhyung: Everyone did well. I myself think that this album suited our group best.

Shin: The moods best fit Woojin and Junhyung. I believe, too, that this album was the best so far.

KangSung: Me, I think I looked pretty cool.

Junseong: Junhyung / Because he was able to fit both strong and soft moods.

Prince: Junseong, his vocal colors, and sharp dancing style fits this concept well

Woojin: Kangsung: He showed the best expressions yet. Personally, I believe this album fits me best and the album concept as well.

Jin Woo: Choi Junseong, dear Jun Seong was born a natural in terms of expression and talent.

TS: Out of all the songs on your [NOW: Who we are facing] EP, which is your favorite?

Junhyung: I like the song called Dreaming. I like the lyrics “now, escape your dreams” especially.

Shin: control/ “The finale completed again by you”

Kangsung: Control/”Ay Look where I’m at now maybe climax더 빠르게 뜨겁게 달려 마치 master make it highlight 선율 위에 masterpiece,”

Junseong: milestone/”Where you at, I want you. I am here.”

Prince: Cosmos/chorus part

Woojin: In the song Triangle, I like best my part, “Even the shaken scope to which I am getting used to little by little”

Jinwoo: Control – “Look at me straight, slow”

What’s the story behind your latest single, ‘Control.’

Junhyung: We sang about a strong attraction and passion towards a specific entity

Shin: It expressed accepting some entity (Ex. Bipolar personality)

Kangsung: As described in the lyrics, the message says to come to us no matter what situation you are in and that we control you like a maestro.

Junseong: The members of GHOST9 were playing around with Mafia and then got owned.

Prince: The song is about being controlled using love~

Woojin: It’s about wanting others to come to us under our Control.

Jinwoo: It’s about controlling your hearts!

What sets GHOST9’s music style apart from the rest?

Junhyung: It’s a colorful theme that suits anything well.

Shin: We excel in performance, which entertains both the eyes and ears.

Kangsung: We have the ability to be multiple colors like a Chameleon

Junseong: Since we are more free and open, we express things without hesitation.

Prince: We have a dynamic and a wide range of concepts that set our group’s color and style apart.

Woojin: We are unique because we try more diverse concepts and try many things that others do not.

Jinwoo: We are GHOST9, a group that stands out in performance energy!!

Which song from any of your albums would you recommend to someone who’s never heard your music before?

Junhyung: I want to recommend Think of Dawn, which marks the beginning.

Shin: Runaway

Kangsung: Flying At Night, Think of Dawn, and Up All Night.

Junseong: Think of dawn- because it is our beginning.

Prince : Antenna: It’s different from our hard-hitting title songs.

Woojin: I recommend Control from this album. I want to showcase it because it has the best quality among all our songs so far.

Jinwoo: The title track Control!! It contains such a strong beat!!

What’s the secret behind GHOST9’s great teamwork?

Junhyung: I think it is our faith towards each other.

Shin: Our faith towards each other

Kangsung: Our friendship and faith so far. And trust.

Junseong: We are cautious in our actions and try to understand each other.

Prince: Practice ˙ᵕ˙

Woojin: We always are together and eat together.

Jinwoo: Practice. We worked hard and sweat a lot practicing to coordinate our movements and performance energy.

Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?

Junhyung: Please look forward as we will come with lots of music and colorful performances! We are always grateful and love you all.

Shin: Thank you for always being on our side, and we will try harder from now on, so please keep an eye on us!!

Kangsung: Although we are all in different situations and afar, we know that our hearts are connected. We are aware of this and are always grateful. We love you.

Junseong: We always miss you and want to showcase more of what we have. See you soon~

Prince: Thank you for always supporting us, and I hope we can meet soon someday 🙂

Woojin: Thank you for always supporting us. We will continue to be more diverse and grow as a group, so please always pay a lot of attention.

Jinwoo: I just want to say that we are always thankful for our fans and look forward to what’s to come!!
We’d like to thank GHOST9 for interviewing with us and everyone who helped make this possible!
Be sure to check out GHOST9’s new MV “Control” and their ep NOW: Who we are facing.
The boys also recently announced that they’re going on tour in the US! Tickets are on sale now @ AXS.com.



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