Somi is Making a Comeback!

Jeon So Mi recently released a comeback photo 16 hours ago on her Instagram @somsomi309. According to the photo, we can anticipate seeing Somi back with another hit on 7, 22, 2020 at 6PM.

There isn’t much information on the theme of the comeback. We don’t know if this will be one single or a collection of songs but you can bet that we are all excited!

Jeon So- Mi is a 01 liner with a successful talent for music. After competing in the survival show SIXTEEN and Ranking #1 on Produce 101, Jeon So-Mi’s career has skyrocketed! She became part of a chic girl group called I.O.I but after their disbandment in 2017, she promoted her own solo career under “The Black Label”.

Jeon So-Mi has also has been participating in variety T.V shows. Through that she has gained a lot of popularity for her wittiness, charm, and enthusiastic spirit.

Jeon So-Mi’s latest comeback “Birthday” reached 77 million views. The song will make you dance around your room while snacking on a pack chips! This upbeat rhythm will keep you moving like there’s no tomorrow!

If you haven’t watch “Birthday”, check it our below.