Somi MV Teaser Leaves us Hooked!


On July 17, SOMI released a MV teaser to “What You Waiting For”.

In the short twenty second clip, we are given a taste of the bop this song is going to be. The scene of the clip looks to be at a dainty, antique hotel. The tired looking bell boys are waiting in line and suddenly, SOMI cuts pass them. With an attitude in her hips and a flare in her eyes, it looks like SOMI is ready to tell the world off.

This will be SOMI’s first comeback since her solo debut last year with the popular song “Birthday”.

“What You Waiting for” is said to be composed by Teddy, R.Tee, 24, as well as SOMI. The lyrics are by SOMI, Teddy, and Danny Chung.

“What You Waiting For” is set to release on July 22, at 6PM. Are you guys ready?!


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