Taeyeon becomes a lead actress in MV teaser for “Can’t Control Myself.”

On January 15, the songstress released a dramatic teaser for the upcoming single “Can’t Control Myself.” The video teaser gives a classy horror film atmosphere matching its cinematic feel.

Previously a few image teasers were released. Each gives off a different undertone. However, the set that sticks out to me is her most recent. The teasers look identical to the 2000s French film “Amelie.” A film about a girl on a mission to bring others the happiness she never received as a child. This slight comparison may give us a hint about what the “Can’t Control Myself” MV’s storyline will be.

As for the song, SM stated, “Can’t Control Myself is a ballad song of the pop-punk genre that stimulates emotions with a strong sound. The lyrics that TAEYEON directly participated in writing are about a dangerous love that has lost control and still longs for the other person’s heart even though she has an intuition that it will hurt.”

In addition, TAEYEON’s 3rd album pre-release single ‘Can’t Control Myself’ will be released at 6 pm KST on January 17 on various music streaming platforms.

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