YENA Turns Your Frown Upside down in Debut MV “SMILEY”

The former IZ*ONE member (Choi Ye Na)made her solo debut with the song and mini-album entitled “SMILEY.” SMILEY is a bright and playful track about staying positive and keeping a smile on your face even though things might not be going your way. “When tears suddenly fill up, just smile away.” The singer confidently sings.

The MV follows YENA on her exciting journey to bring joy and happiness to a city overtaken by sorrow and depression. A depression caused by featured singer BIBI. In the end, YENA completes her mission with the help of her magical microphone. I have to commend the graphic artists who worked on this video, the cross between animation and reality gave the MV a unique charm.

YENA’S album has been officially released and contains five songs, with four (Before Anyone Else, SMILEY, Lxxk 2 U, PRETTY BOYS) being composed and written by the songstress herself.

  1. Before Anyone Else
  2. SMILEY (Feat. BIBI)
  3. Lxxk 2 U
  5. VACAY

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Check out SMILEY below!!!


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