The Rose Brings healing to Houston Black Roses on their Heal Together World Tour

On November 1st, The Rose brought their highly anticipated Heal Together: World Tour to Houston. The day began with a line of fans wrapped around the Bayou Music venue, waiting for their chance to see the boys in person. A security guard even stated that he hadn’t seen such a huge turnout for a band in a while. Which speaks to The Rose’s staying power, because before making the Bayou Music Center the home of the Heal Together Tour, their original venue was much smaller. However, due to tickets selling out so quickly they switched to a bigger venue to accommodate more Black Roses.

The show began with the band making their entrance to screaming fans as their Heal album-opening “~” played in the background. Soon after they swiftly transition into the songs “Definition of ugly is”, “Insomnia” and a crowd favorite “She’s In The Rain.” A song that’s guaranteed to heal anyone’s heart. And speaking of healing. In the middle of the show, Woosung discussed how the Heal album was about them healing as a group and in their individual lives.

He went on to say that the Heal Together tour was for Black Rose to find healing, as they hadn’t seen each other for so long. In addition to talking about their album, lead bassist Jaehyeong also mentioned their documentary. He said it was difficult for him to share his story, but he was glad he did.

As the night unfolded Black Roses had the opportunity to hear The Rose play a variety of songs including “California” “Candy (so good)” “RED” and “Sorry.” Some of the highlights of the night were the conversations the band had with their fans. One Black Rose, in particular, shared a story about how she was in a car crash recently and tore her ACL. Despite this injury, she still attended the show. The band replied by saying

“Thank you for coming, even though you tore your ACL.”

Another moment is when the boys read some of the fans’ signage, one saying “Reject me already so I can move on.” The Rose joyfully replied by saying

“No way.” “We will never reject you.”

Overall, The Rose put on a spectacular performance that Black Roses will never forget.

Check out our photos from the show below!

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