AleXa’s First US Tour: Houston Show

AleXa continues her US tour hitting up Houston as her 6th stop at The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. From amazing performances to funny fan interaction moments, AleXa creates a wonderful atmosphere of fun and excitement at her show leaving so many fans inspired, seen, and impacted by her energy.

“Best concert I’ve been to all year”, says Abi, a fan who went to the concert with a group of friends, “I had so much fun. I love how much AleXa interacts with her fans”.

Memorable performances of “Wonderland”, “Tattoo”, “Revolution”, “Villain” and many more had the crowd screaming with excitement and even on some occasions barking. AleXa also shared with us two brand new songs titled “Endorphin” and “Bubbly” which is a full Korean song. She also shared with the crowd a song she wrote herself titled “Please try again”. Songs such as “ Never let you go” added an emotional touch to the show as well. When it came to performing her song “Tattoo” AleXa included the fans by teaching us a part of the choreo step by step, an easy part that even those inexperienced in dancing could follow along.

“I think this concert was literally my favorite, it’s my first concert in a few years so you know it was an awesome experience”, said Marisa, a friend of Abi who also accompanied her. Marisa mentions that one of her favorite moments was when Alexa took her pride flag.

Another fan, Addison mentions how AleXa is “such an ally, we love it”. She followed along saying, “She has a very entertaining personality and is an amazing dancer. My musical theater heart goes out to her”.

Near the end of the show, many fans voiced their appreciation for AleXa’s dancers. AleXa was able to bring them out and each dancer was showed so much love and appreciation making the dancers smile ear to ear. It was a wonderful way to end the show. 

Photo from AleXa’s Instagram

If you weren’t able to go, check out AleXa’s post below where she gave a quick recap and shoutout to Houston.