Vince Unveils Music Video for Title Track ‘UUU’ and Drops Debut EP ‘The Drive’

South Korean artist Vince, known for his recent comeback single “Get Out,” has dropped the title track “UUU” and a seven-track EP, “The Drive,” via THEBLACKLABEL. Co-written with TEDDY and produced by 24, the team behind BLACKPINK’s global hits, “UUU” showcases intense lyrics and a climactic rock-style chorus in a captivating music video featuring instrumental skills and a cameo from labelmate LØREN.

Transitioning from his role as a behind-the-scenes songwriter and producer for hits like LISA’s “MONEY” and BLACKPINK‘s “SHUT DOWN,” Vince’s solo project, [The Drive], marks his emergence. The EP, curated over three years during his daily drives, explores various emotions and perspectives on love. Beyond its driving theme, [The Drive] symbolizes one’s desire or ‘Drive,’ revealing Vince’s personal ambitions.

The EP’s tracks include:

  1. Work – “A dark and sensual blend of R&B and electronic sounds, exploring romantic relationships.
  2. About You – “An atmospheric and cozy track where Vince expresses sincere feelings for a desired woman.
  3. GET OUT – “A blend of R&B and disco-based EDM, conveying a dual message urging someone to break free from the past.
  4. Like That – “A raw and sincere piano ballad where Vince serenades his loved one in a poetic manner.
  5. “UUU”
  6. “Emergency” (Feat. Zion.T)
  7. “MENNAL” (Feat. Okasian)

Check out Vince’s new EP ‘The Drive’ on all streaming platforms.