XIKERS First U.S Tour: Tricky House Houston Show

Xikers bring all the energy and more to their first U.S. tour, World Tour Tricky House.

Xikers from KQ Entertainment, had their debut in March 2023 and are already loved by so many fans around the world. Their concept of travelers around time and space is really conveyed through the Houston show, conveying their genre-blend of punk and pop. With each performance being just as amazing as the one before, Xikers exceeds all expectations leaving fans wanting more. Only being a year active it seems this group has already achieved so much, as if they have been performing on the stage forever. The joy and excitement was clearly seen by every fan in attendance.

From the start we can already see each member’s enthusiasm on stage, going all-out during each song. The energy was heavy in the room as everyone was hyped singing along. Although the room was packed, the members did such an amazing job of interacting with their fans as much as they could. Scanning the audience to make each fan feel seen and included with finger hearts, waves and smiling eye contact throughout their time to talk with the fans. Adoration and excitement seen by each person in attendance at their Houston show.

The members did a random dance play montage of songs such as “Dynamite” by BTS, “Queencard” by (G) – idle “ Hype Boy”, by New Jeans, and fan favorite “Bouncy” by Ateez. It was a fun experience to witness watching the members have fun. Following the fun, two members surprised the audience with a dance performance to the song “ Die for You” by The Weekend.  Hunter and Junmin took our breath away with their surprising performance. It was a sight to see how smooth and fluid their moves were, both of their dance styles blending beautifully.

We’re excited to see more of Xikers and future projects they will work on. We’re glad Houston and many other cities were able to witness their passion in person.

And a special thanks to MyMusicTaste for having us!