Wildberry Second MV Release for “Should I?” with Dopein

On October 4th, Wildberry released the music video for the second track of her album “Sunrise.” The digital single album and the first MV installment released early last month, garnering new fans and impressing old ones.

Wildberry is an underrated Korean soul and R&B artist with a certain uniqueness to her; distinguishing herself from many other artists in her genre. She has released music that fits the low-key, chill vibe. Her music exudes mellow feelings; perfect for long days when one just needs to de-stress.

The first music video released was the track, “Sunrise (Feat. EunBii).” This aesthetic video of greenery, sunsets, mountains, and lakes created a lo-fi vibe. EunBii and Wildberry’s hushed voices aided in the aesthetic, creating a song perfect for those quiet nights.

The next music video released today and the vibe is slightly different but its elements are still there. This time Wildberry worked with Dopein in this song titled, “Should I?”.

Take a look at a sneak peek of the song Wildberry posted on her Instagram page.


This track gave a slightly different feeling. It was more upbeat compared to the mellow and slow feelings of Sunrise. This track gave a sunny day and happy vibes that makes a person want to jump around and laugh ceaselessly.

Nonetheless, the album was a nice break from the busy, encapsulated life we are in right now. It’s a relaxing sound that will give you the energy to start your next task with a breeze!

If you haven’t already, watch the MV for “Should I?” below!