SF9 Fourth Anniversary Special

Four years ago, from today, a special, talented, and all-around hardworking group debuted on stage. For four years, they pushed, persevered, and became someone we all know now as SF9.

SF9 debuted on October 5, 2016, with their “1st Debut Single Album [Feeling Sensation]” that consists of the songs “Fanfare,” “K.O,” and “Together.” The group has nine members: Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Zuho, Rowoon, Yoo Taeyang, Hwiyoung, and Chani.

Becoming a trainee is no easy task. You need to have what it takes to enter the gates of the Korean entertainment industry. Once one goes through the intense effort to become a trainee, the workload doesn’t become lighter. The hard work, determination, patience, and love for music is what brought SF9 so far. They endured, and they have become someone quite amazing!

In the middle of summer, SF9 made a comeback with their upbeat and refreshing title song “Summer Breeze.” Since the MV released on July 5, the video has collected over 44 million views, making this a song that’s every fan’s favorite.

To thank their fans for being with them, and to recollect the beautiful memories of the past four years, SF9 released the EP “Special History Book.” The mini-album consists of three songs that were carefully crafted while thinking of the fans, Fantasy.

Each track had a unique charm to them. These nine boys are indeed talented when we listen to their clear vocals shine through here.

  • “Shine Through” made us cry as we listened to something that gave us nostalgia. The rhythm sounds something between happy and sad as if the melody is saying, “Wow, we have come so far, and I’m so proud of you.”
  • “Forever” is slightly upbeat but calming. The song is unlike anything I have heard before. It has a slight refreshing twist. Their smooth honey-like vocals also give this track a calming and hopeful effect.
  • “Love No.5” is a more hyper song. Its rhythm is something one could be bopping to at a club. The track makes one want to jump from side to side as they let go of their worries. As the EP goes, the songs all get slightly more energetic and exciting.

Like gifts to our ears, SF9 delivered something unexpected but much needed.

If you haven’t already, watch the music video for “Shine Together” and get ready to cry.