AKMU’s Lee Su Hyun To Make a Solo Debut!

On October 5th, YG Entertainment posted a space-themed “coming soon” poster hinting at a solo debut from none other than Lee Su Hyun of AKMU!

The poster is mystical and fun with its vibrant colors and comical letter style. There are pink, orange, and purple planets floating around in the midst of this cartoon-like orbit. The strangest thing about this poster is that Lee Suhyun is pictured on a “UFO Drivers License” as an alien.

The purple bold words “Hyper Speed Travel” stand out the most on the license which might indicate the name of this future comeback. We don’t know much about what this comeback will be about but we cannot wait to find out more when this Lee Suhyun makes her solo debut on October 16 at 6pm.

In other news, AKMU recently released an album titled “AKMU ‘Sailing’ Tour Live” which is a collection of all their previous songs repackaged. The album includes their hit songs, DINOSAUR, RE-BYE, 200%, and more. Be sure to check the album out on Spotify and other musical platforms.

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