YONG YONG and ASH ISLAND work together in the song “Don’t Think About It”

On September 26, YONG YONG, an artist under MIXINMEDIA, released a music video for her song “Don’t Think About It,” featuring the South Korean rapper, Ash Island.

Yong Yong debuted in 2017 with her single “Scribbling.” The song is a mesh between rock/pop, something that’s perfect for listening to full blast in your car as you dirt drive, something I have always wanted to do.

Since her debut, Yong Yong has since released one more single titled “Ash and Ember,” as well as the EP, “im your XYZ”. “im your XYZ” is YY’s first EP and the EP really shows how far she has come as a musician. In this album, YY, plays a lot with R&B, pop as well as rock to create something quite energizing for her audiences.

The album includes six songs:

  • Don’t think about it (with. Ash Island)
  • X
  • BALENCIA (feat. Ash Island)
  • Sleep with another (feat. Kid Wine)
  • Killin me softly (feat. Skinny Brown)
  • Slow mo (feat. Tommy Strate)

Yong has also created a SoundCloud platform for herself where she releases covers and sometimes the music of her own here.

This music video for the song “Don’t think about it”, is talking about a relationship that is on the verge of a break-up. They both know the relationship is toxic but try to make it work because of their fear of being alone.

Scenes of the video are taken at night, in parking lots and on roads. These backdrops might show the lonely feelings of this broken relationship. Both partners want to let go but are being pulled back in, because of empty promises and believable lies.

The meaning of the song holds so much deeper context. The lyrics can mean different things to anyone, depending on how we interpret it. Let us know what you think the MV is about.

Ash Island’s collaboration on this track and others on this album, gave an interesting and catchy edge. YY and Ash Island’s voices fit together so nicely to give a type of mesmerizing feel to the songs. Ash Island has previously worked with Heize, pH-1, HA:TFELT, etc. This song is one of ASH Island’s latest genius works.

Follow Yong Yong’s Instagram @doubleyis to see what new things she is working on!

Also, follow Ash Island and his new works, @ash.island.

If you haven’t already, give “Don’t think about it” a listen below!

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