BLACKPINK Releases Teaser for New Single “Lovesick Girls”

On September 29, YG Entertainment released the M/V teaser to a BLACKPINK’s upcoming new single “Lovesick Girls”.

Based on the teaser, “Lovesick Girls” seems like something unlike what BLACKPINK has done before. The slow guitar played in the background along with the member’s chilling clear vocals ending the teaser with harmonious rhythm, gives the song something like the impression of a nostalgic, sad song.

In this M/V, the members seem to put on different personalities to show a side of their skills we might have not seen. A music video that is sure to shake the ground beneath us, this song will be unlike anything we have heard before.

In the 15 seconds, we were given a snippet of what is to be expected.

  • Jisoo tearfully sprinting her way from something or towards it.
  • Jennie is sitting in the front seat of a rundown car with an expression of defeat.
  • Rosé is in a tub filled with oozing black ink and her red-rimmed eyes are filled with tears.
  • Lisa is leaning on someone with a tired expression as if she has given up on absolutely everything that was thrown at her.

This vibe is different from the last two pre-released album songs; “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream (feat. Selena Gomez), making this track a unique and interesting one.

YG Entertainment has recently announced that the song “Lovesick Girls” will release with BLACKPINK’s most anticipated full-length album on October 2nd.

Mark your calendars for October 2nd and get ready for the song of the century!