5 songs to listen to before you attend a Teen Top concert

Teen Top’s Night in the USA tour. starts in just 2 WEEKS,  and we want to make sure your ready to go! Today we’re going to list 5 songs to listen to before you attend a Teen Top concert. Let’s get started!

Note: this list will be in no particular order

Miss Right

Miss Right is a quirky pop song, about a boy being Infatuated with the “girl with the long straight hair”. The video for Miss Right is equally enjoyable as this song.


Presented with a intro that you can’t help but sing along too. Teen Top’s Rocking is an EDM inspired track, that tells a story of an on and off again relationship. Throughout the song we learn about the struggle the boys are going through. Telling themselves that they’ll leave her for good, only to go back to her in the end. Not only is Rocking relatable it’s also a great song to get you on the dance floor.

Going Crazy

This has to be one of my favorite songs on this list! Teen Top’s Going Crazy is an upbeat dance track about an unwanted break up. The song and video takes us on a journey of emotions as the boys plead with their significant other to take them back.

Be ma girl

Be Ma Girl is an innocent but bold song about awkwardly trying to convince a girl to go on a date. This track has Teen Top’s signature dance pop sound mixed a with bit of EDM.

No More Perfume

This could be one of the greatest playboy anthems ever! No perfume is a dynamic Euro pop inspired song. About the boys being in love with a Noona (older women) but not wanting her to wear perfume, because their girlfriend might find out he’s cheating on her. This track is a staple in the kpop world and is also one of Teen Top’s most popular songs to date.


Ah Ah is a hypnotic dance track mixed with a hint of funk. The song itself, talks about being so in love with a girl that you never want her to leave your side.


And so ends another list. There’s so many good Teen Top songs but we can’t list them all!  Be sure to follow us on of all our social media sites. And don’t forget to snag a ticket to one of the many shows happening on Teen Top’s Night in USA tour.  Tickets are on sale now! Get your tickets at www.kpoptickets.com and follow Studio PAV for more information on the show.