7 Male Idols With The Cold Prince Aura

Do you ever take a glance at a person and instantly get a vibe off of them without meaning to?

It’s a natural instinct for us to judge people based on appearances alone. For these seven male idols, I always thought they gave off that cold prince aura with their sharp visuals and intense gazes. They are the kind of people you probably don’t want to step on the wrong foot with.

Charming, brooding, and a bit rude. It is the perfect concoction for your typical male lead in a k-drama, whether we asked for it or not. These kind of characters are a bit of a guilty pleasure, more so when they fall for the girl and show their true, warm personalities. Wouldn’t your heart melt whenever these kind of scenes play out in a show?

Of course, I’m not saying that’s how their personalities are. Rather, these idols could probably play the role of a prince or a CEO’s son in a drama (if not already).

Here are 7 male idols that give me the cold prince aura:


GOT7’s Jinyoung

This list is in no particular order but if I were to choose who will be in my top 3 for this list, Jinyoung will definitely be one of them. Jinyoung is a member of the JYP boygroup, GOT7, and their subunit, JJ Project. Jinyoung proved himself time and time again as a multi-talented man. He could sing flawlessly, showcase sharp dance moves, can compose and write songs, and can act extremely well.

Jinyoung had also gone into acting in roles that are perfect to what I envisioned for him. He played a princely role in Legend of The Blue Sea as Lee Minho’s younger self. Jinyoung’s journey as an actor only grew with every project he has participated in. I feel we’re one step closer to having Jinyoung as that perfect charismatic lead role. Fingers crossed!


NCT 127’s Jaehyun

The NCT 127 vocalist has all the visuals and charm to make the perfect cliche male lead. Jaehyun is very known to be a stunning visual by NCTzens and non-NCTzens alike, he’s a Disney prince that has come to life! Jaehyun has proven himself again and again how attractive he is in every aspect.

There’s one sweet story that truly captures Jaehyun’s princely charms. During a session of his and Johnny’s radio show, they read a fan’s story about a crush on her senior from middle school. The fan described her crush as the most perfect human being while being handsome, physically skilled, and kind all at once and she was far too shy to confess during that time. It wasn’t until the very last bit of the story that her crush was none other than Jung Jaehyun himself! How heart-fluttering!

VIXX’s Leo

On the list of cold princes, VIXX’s Leo should not be forgotten! His unique and attractive looks is everything I could envision for this kind of character. Non-starlights might look at him and think how fierce and unapproachable he could be, but that’s not the case! While one of his nicknames is Poker Face Chic, this honey-sweet vocal is absolutely charming!

He knows a variety of sports such as Taekwondo, soccer, swimming, boxing, and fencing. He also knows how to play piano and really loves animals and children. If that doesn’t give you an image of a prince, I don’t what else to tell you. Leo is the perfect choice.


Stray Kids’s Hyunjin

Even though Hyunjin is the youngest on the list, his visuals are nothing to be doubted for amongst the others! He is already deemed as “The Prince” by Stays. The beauty mark, the lips, the piercing eyes! What more can we ask for in a prince?

His duality as an idol is the most eye-catching to me. His personality is sweet and he can act adorably to his members and his fans. However, every time he’s performing, his fiery charisma sets the fire on stage! As the main dancer of Stray Kids, he has an articulate way of grabbing everyone’s onto him.

Did you see him with his longer, blonde hairdo this past comeback? Exactly.


Up10tion’s Wooshin

Wooshin, also known as Wooseok, is actually the one that inspired this list. He has the visuals that make you do a double take. He’s the vocalist for the Top Media boy group, Up10tion, and was a former member to the Produce X 101 group, X1.

Luckily for us, we can perfectly visualize Wooseok in a cold-prince acting role as he is currently starring in the Playlist Studio webdrama, Twenty Twenty. In the A-Teen sequel, Wooseok plays the 20 year old university student, Lee Hyunjin. His character is independent and prefers to be alone, only wanting to work on composing music. Wooseok’s character has all the right traits to the cold-prince persona.


NU’EST’s Minhyun

Minhyun isn’t known as Hwang Emperor for nothing!

NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun is the total package. He earned the title of Hwang Emperor from his Produce 101 days, and for good reason. His amazing musical talents and his killer visuals was what drew people to him from the beginning of the survival show and eventually granting him a spot in the final lineup of Wanna One. Not only does he look like a prince, but also has traits that make him seem so princely. Cleaning is one of his hobbies and has quite a conservative nature.

Something about him being innocent but charismatic is what attracts people to him!


SF9’s Rowoon

Rowoon’s visuals is on a completely different level! The SF9 main vocal have proven to be the perfect man in every aspect. He’s great at sports, his lower-register voice is swoon-worthy, has a tall stature of 6’3, and his acting skills continue to grow. Whether he’s performing as an idol or acting in a drama, your focus couldn’t help but fall on him.

In Rowoon’s recent acting project, Extraordinary You, he proved his acting power as the main lead. His character, Haru, was aloof yet sweet throughout the drama. He’ll be leading in an upcoming drama called ‘Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick,’ so hopefully we’ll be able to see him tackle a new kind of character that we will most likely swoon for.


Is there any other idols I missed that are perfect for this list? If so, who are they? Comment below!