82MAJOR to Make a Comeback with ‘BEAT by 82’

82MAJOR will release their first mini-album ‘BEAT by 82’ on 29th April at 6:00 PM (KST) ‘BEAT by 82’ includes a total of four tracks, including the title track ‘Choke,’ as well as ‘Birthday,’ ‘Illegal,’ and ’82.’ Members, who have been garnering attention for their outstanding musicality even before their debut, all participated in the songwriting process, encapsulating a firm identity.

The title track ‘Choke’ is a song imbued with 82MAJOR’s confident and intense attitude. The English title ‘Choke’ carries various meanings such as ‘to suffocate’ or ‘to strangle,’ arousing curiosity about what message the song will convey.

The track ‘Birthday’ features the collaboration of star composer Ryan Jhun, who has produced numerous K-pop hits. Particularly, as it marks the second collaboration with 82MAJOR following their debut single’s double title track ‘Sure Thing,’ it raises even more anticipation.

Furthermore, ‘Illegal,’ which received love as the performance video song released before debut, is included as a track with an even more glamorous beat. Also, ’82,’ which garnered attention when pre-released at the debut showcase, is officially included in this album due to fans’ enthusiastic interest and requests.


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