ASTRO’s First Sub-Unit With Moonbin & Sanha Make Their Debut With “Bad Idea” MV

Moonbin and Sanha have made their anticipated debut with ‘Bad Idea!’

The music video to their title track released September 14, 6 PM KST. Their first mini album ‘IN-OUT’ also dropped at the same time across music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Genie, and more.

‘Bad Idea’ was written by G-High, Yoon Jong Sung, and Matthes Tishler. The song is about the strong desire to suppress the bad memories and not repeat the mistakes. Moonbin and Sanha’s effortless vocals and the funky guitar riffs gives the song a sensual and retro vibe that will bring a brand new sound to Arohas’ ears!

Along with the title track, the mini album includes 5 songs in total: Bad Idea, Eyez On U, Alone, All I Wanna Do, and Dream Catcher.

Moonbin and Sanha are part of the 6-member boy group, ASTRO, from Fantagio Entertainment. They have debuted back on February 23rd, 2016. The group truly showed their growth over the years and we get to see them tackle a different variety of concepts since the beginning. Moonbin and Sanha make up the first ever sub-unit from ASTRO, and they didn’t fail to showcase a whole new side of themselves with this debut!

If you haven’t already, go check out the music video here!

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