ATEEZ Heightens Anticipation For Summer Comeback

The wait is finally over for Atinys!

ATEEZ released an image July 2nd through their official SNS that says “Maybe we’re living younger. That’s why we’re fever,” with fever being the only one not crossed out. In the same post, it was captioned, “So I gotta let it go. Passion, Young, Fever.” A day later, it was confirmed ATEEZ will be having their comeback on July 29.

ATEEZ has released a promotion map to get a view on what to expect, leading up to their anticipated comeback.

From July 6 to 8, a set of illustrations and prompts for each of the members has been released. It added more onto ATEEZ’s lore and got fans theorizing more on what each member’s story means amongst all of it.

On the 9th, a video teaser has been released, which you can watch here. The mysterious 30-second clip shows Hongjoong coming face to face with a masked man in a fedora, a figure Atinys are familiar with.

And on the 10th, concept photos for members, Seonghwa, Hongjoong, Yunho, and Yeosang has been released. The remaining members’ photos will soon follow after.

Make sure to check out ATEEZ’s comeback July 29th! It will be a summer release you don’t want to miss out on.