Unbound Entertainment Group is pleased to announce two more stops for CAMO’s CAMO: WIFEY TOUR. The Korean rapper/songwriter has become a rising star in the global music scene, captivating listeners worldwide. Her demand is reflected in her upcoming extended tour, as the artist will now greet fans in six cities across the United States and Canada this summer.

CAMO’s premiere show will occur in Los Angeles at 1720 on August 16. The artist will subsequently host shows in San Francisco at the Brick & Mortar on August 17, Vancouver at the Fox Cabaret on August 18, Toronto at the Hard Luck Bar on August 19, and New York at the Mission NYC. on August 20. She will conclude her packed tour with her final stop in Calgary at the Commonwealth on August 22. 

Photo courtesy of Unbound Entertainment Group

CAMO has been making her mark on the music world for quite some time. She first captured fans’ hearts with her debut EP “Ice.” During this time, the artist gained attention for her calm, melodic voice and multilinguistic lyricism. Since then, she’s collaborated with other notable Korean stars, featuring popular Korean rapper Simon Dominic on her second single, “Wifey.” In addition, CAMO has continued to demonstrate her popularity as an emerging act, unveiling impressive collaborations with BIBI, Coogie, JMIN, and many more. 

Her extended North American tour follows the momentum of her shows in Europe last year. CAMO performed to eager crowds in Paris and London, expanding her presence as a worldwide artist. Her upcoming concert dates across Canada and the United States demonstrate her growing popularity as a fresh soloist ready to take on the global music market. 

CAMO’s tour schedule is as follows:

Los Angeles | August 16, 2022 | 1720

San Francisco | August 17, 2022, | Brick & Mortar

Vancouver | August 18, 2022, | Fox Cabaret 

Toronto | August 19, 2022 | Hard Luck Bar

New York | August 20, 2022, | Mission NYC

Calgary | August 22, 2022, | Commonwealth

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Credit: Unbound Entertainment Group 


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