damnboy! Artist Makes Long-Awaited Comeback

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer damnboy! is a former Billboard 100 artist from Hawaii, and after some time away, he’s ready to share the first chapter of his heartbreak story with the world. His single, “She / Her / Hers.” Set to release on August 28, at 12 a.m. EST, “She / Her / Hers” is part of damnboy!’s upcoming EP project.

damnboy! arrives with an impressive pre-EP release single that elucidates the emotion of a man who has lost a loved one as he calls out to her while talking to the moon. Emphasizing the sentiment of regret, the song perfectly captures the essence of yearning and melancholy as he recalls all the lost moments. The Hawaiian-born artist beguiles with his calm, honey-like vocals, and simple lyrics. Albeit simple, they are filled with pure emotion and get his point across clearly.

Infusing different genre elements into the instrumentation of tracks is nothing out of the ordinary for a pop artist like damnboy! but, instead of hoping to sound like the latest greatest hit, he sings with his heart, and he knows exactly how to drive the message home. Starts off with a sweet piano, as if it’s a ballad, this song is more of a pop ballad with a nostalgic 90s boom-bap sound. The production of the song isn’t too overwhelming and perfectly captivated portrayals of raw human emotion that are true and relevant.

Photo credit: Unbound Entertainment Group

Continuing the sentiment of heartbreak as he sings in “She / Her / Hers,” the goal of the EP will focus on the same motif, as it unfolds to tell the story of a man who finds himself in different periods of his life but always finds himself suffering from heartbreak. With each song telling a different heartbreak story, damnboy!’s new EP will contain all the narratives about losing love and the complex emotions it entails. “Everyone will experience a form of it (heartbreak) at some point in their lives,” damnboy! explained.

“SHE / HER / HERS”is available on all streaming platforms!

Source: Unbound Entertainment Group


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