DREAMCATCHER Launches Photo Book Crowdfunding Project with MyMusicTaste

DREAMCATCHER has just launched a crowdfunding project with MyMusicTaste to raise money for their new photo book.

DREAMCATCHER is working with MyMusicTaste, an online service that allows music fans to request their favorite artists’ live performance, to collaborate with fans to raise US$20,000 to produce their new photo book. When the project closes and the funding goal is reached, supporters will be rewarded with various benefits, ranging from limited edition photo cards to a personalized thank you video.  All those who contribute over $30 (pledge Bronze, Silver, Gold, or VIP packages) by July 22, 23:00 KST will get their photo book signed by DREAMCATCHER when the project is successfully completed. DREAMCATCHER’s photo book crowdfunding project will close on September 16 at 23:00 KST.

DREAMCATCHER is a girl group composed of seven members: JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Dami, Handong, and Gahyeon. Following their debut in January 2017 with the single “Nightmare,” DREAMCATCHER has been actively contributing to the Kpop industry, releasing two more albums Nightmare – Fall Asleep in the Mirror and PrequeI that feature a unique concept of “Young Metal”. In May 2018, the group released their second mini album Nightmare – Escape the ERA.

DREAMCATCHER’s “Young Metal” concept, which is not typically associated with K-pop girl groups, and their stunning looks have been attracting music fans around the world. Thanks to their passionate, overseas fans who requested DREAMCATCHER’s concerts through MyMusicTaste, DREAMCATCHER has already toured Europe in 2017 and is gearing up for their Latin America tour this September, an impressive feat for a rookie group.

For additional information regarding DREAMCATCHER’ Photo Book Crowdfunding Project, please visit http://dreamcatcher.mymusictaste.com/.


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