(INTERVIEW) DRIPPIN Talks their new EP “Villain” and more!

Courtesy Of MJ Tonz Entertainmet

Known as Global Rookies, DRIPPIN made their debut in 2020 with the song “Nostalgia” and mini-album “Boyager” two years later, the boys jumped back onto the scene with 3rd mini-album, “Villain.” The song sends a message to encourage listeners to do whatever it takes to reach their goal and defeat any villains (negative emotions) in their life.

Courtesy Of MJ Tonz Entertainment

This project shows the group in a new light and sheds away their once fresh boyish image to reveal a more edgy and mature one. Today we’ll talk to the group about their new mini-album, goals for the future, and more!

TS: What’s the meaning behind your group name DRIPPIN?

Hyeop: Our name drippin means just that, Drippin. It’s a trendy word that means cool/edgy, and just like its definition. We will become a cool and edgy group, that will also lead the world’s trends with our unique music, performance, and visuals!

Yunseong: It’s a trendy word that means cool and edgy, and has the meaning that we will be at the forefront of fashion and music trends.

TS: What is the concept for your third mini-album, “Villain”?

Dongyun: The concept of this album is an expression of a dark and charming villain!

TS: Besides being a singer, what was your dream job as a kid?

Minseo: My childhood dream was to become an actor. I like to act and watch movies, so I wanted to become an actor badly.

Alex: I wanted to become an ambassador or a biologist.

TS: Which song from any of your albums would you recommend to someone who’s never heard your music before?

Yunseong: I would recommend our debut song, Nostalgia. The song marks the beginning of our journey as a group and has so much meaning. It’s also my favorite song, so I would recommend it.

Changuk: I would recommend the song Switch, which is one of the tracks in our new album.
I want to send our group’s energy through this song.

TS: DRIPPIN has a very dedicated group of fans, known as DREAMIN. Have you guys ever had any memorable fan moments or interactions?

Hyeop: It was a COVID-19 situation when I first debuted, but luckily, we could have a face-to-face showcase. I can still remember getting butterflies in my stomach after seeing the excited expressions on fans’ faces when the curtain dropped for our first performance.

Junho: I think the first performance has also left the greatest impression as well. I remember seeing the fans in person in our debut showcase, and finally understood what half- nervous and half-excited really feels like. I remember being so excited, but also being very nervous trying to do well.

TS: Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans?

Dongyun: DREAMIN! We’re back with a cool concept, so please look forward to it!!

Minseo: First of all, I want to see our foreign DREAMIN who cheer and support us from afar. I want us to get together and have fun through a performance when conditions improve, and also I am always grateful for you. Thank you and I love you.


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