[Exclusive Interview] Bachyard Ghost

2024 is the year for up and coming artists and an artist you should keep an eye out for is Bachyard Ghost. 

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Bachyard Ghost pronounced as Backyard Ghost is a Korean-American artist who makes genre-blending music including Hip Hop and Alternative pop music. Born and raised in California, Arthur, better known as Bachyard Ghost started making music around his late middle school and early highschool years. Gaining a large number of listeners and fans from his most popular release “THOTAPHOBE” back in 2022, he has continued to make music since then. BachYard Ghost joins us and speaks about his favorite songs from his latest album “Reason 2 live”, his journey as an artist and new music coming up.

Hello, thank you for taking time to speak with us today!

What inspired you to make music?

BACHYARD GHOST: It started off as a rap battle thing, the first song I wrote was because my computer got hacked and I got really mad so I wrote a diss track and was like oh man this feels good. So found out that writing music was a good way to let my frustrations out.

Can you tell us a bit about your artist name “BACHYARD GHOST”? Is there a significance behind it or was it a creative take? 

BACHYARD GHOST: I live in the backyard house that used to be a guest house behind my parents house. I spelled my name BACHYARD because I took piano lessons when I was younger and that was one of the composers I remember. When I was younger, in highschool I was too quiet in class so one of my teachers would jest about that and call me a ghost. So I took that and used it as my name BACHYARD GHOST.

Can you name 3 of your fav songs that you liked working on this album and why?

BACHYARD GHOST: I like “i miss all my old friends” because I think that song has more sentimental meaning for me.  I was thinking about early school days, like all the people I used to hang out with. I was like what would it sound like if I try to bring those nostalgic emotions to a song and I think that I did that pretty good. 

 I like “Hit Me When Your Done” because thats the first song me and my producer worked on together for the album. It was so fun making it with him  because he’s so talented. It’s the first I sit with somebody and try to transfer whatever I was hearing in my head onto the actual song. It was new.

“Today” is my favorite because I did that one with the guy I did the feature with. He’s really talented too, I don’t have alot of features in my songs so when I have someone else it’s really fun.

What can we expect for 2024, new music already ready to be released?

BACHYARD GHOST: My fans know that I am on a consistent schedule, but I have an EP lined up. We have 4-5 tracks right now and be out around April. This is the best music I’ve made in my whole career so im excited for people to hear it.

Why is it the best compared to your other albums ?

BACHYARD GHOST: It’s music me and my producer are making from scratch so whatever crazy idea I had he could execute it for me. It’s sounds I wanted to explore and I would say its more pop-friendly. 

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

BACHYARD GHOST: I hope you give my music a try, sometimes I think it can take people a little bit offgaurd cause It’s a little chaotic but i think everyone has a little bit of a chaotic piece of themselves so I’m sure they can relate 1 or 2 songs, so just give it a try and do something new and I appreciate it if you do.

Photo via Instagram

Thank you Bachyard Ghost for speaking with us !

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