First Impression: More Than Friends

If you wonder whether or not you want to try out ‘More Than Friends,’ you have come to the right place. I am here to tell you to go ahead and give the drama a chance if you’re into a good, ole friends-to-lovers trope. With only two episodes currently out, I have never had such a visceral push and pull at my heart over the main characters’ relationship.

‘More Than Friends’ is a drama about two friends, Kyung Wooyeon (Shin Yeeun) and Lee Soo (Ong Seongwu), and their journey on life’s realities. They have a misunderstanding about their relationship, and it strings along with an unrequited love over a span of 10 years. In their present time, Soo becomes a well-renowned photographer while Wooyeon is a calligrapher, or at least, she’s aspiring to be.

I am going to give you 4 reasons why you would fall in love with this saccharine-sweet drama! I will try not to give out any spoilers in this article but proceed with caution anyway.

Now, let’s get on with the list!


1. The solid friend group

Other than Wooyeon and Soo, we have four more people we need to note! Kim Younghee (Ahn Eunjin), Han Jinjoo (Baek Soomin), Shin Hyunjae (Choi Chanho), and Jin Sanghyeok (P.O) come together and make this amazing support group that has grown from high schoolers to working adults. From the get-go, you get to see how these characters interact, and it’s entertaining! They all have different personalities, but it all comes down to loyalty and their good-hearted nature that keeps them together for 10 years. They have a bond that seems impenetrable, and I hope it stays that way until the end of the drama!


2. The beautifully-shot scenes

This one came as a surprise as someone going in without many expectations, but it is definitely more than welcome! The drama has shot their scenes in so many beautiful places and doesn’t miss getting onto the screen. In particular, there were a couple of scenes in episode 2 where they have shot in Jeju Island (or what it appears to be).

I was completely blown away with the scenery. The composition and the colors that they play around within the scenes made me want to visit those places one day. It is just absolutely gorgeous.


3. The heart-fluttering comments from Lee Soo

This drama truly reminds me of how lonely it is not having a loving boyfriend that will say compliments that will have your stomach bursting with butterflies! This drama doesn’t play around with tugging at our hearts while we root for our two main leads, and it’s just so frustrating how things play out when they both clearly care and admire each other. I won’t say more about what is going on between Soo and Wooyeon but I would absolutely fall in love with Soo too, with all the lines he dished out.


4. It’s realistic and relatable

As someone around the same age as these characters, I felt myself relating a lot to their own personal worries and regrets. As a young adult, we are full of dread over our own futures, but we often forget that we are just barely starting our lives. Despite only having two episodes out, it really opened my eyes to how it’s okay to take steps back in your life if its something you want to do for yourself. All these characters have their own internal battle they must fight with, and it’ll be interesting to see each of them overcome it. It was a great wake-me-up as someone who is still mindlessly figuring out her own career path.

Thank you, ‘More Than Friends!’


If I haven’t convinced you just yet to try out the drama, then I don’t know what else to tell you! The moment I ended the second episode, I was craving more for this story and its characters! I hope you do give this drama a chance whenever you can, from someone who had her fair share of different k-dramas through the years.