Get To Know: DPR

DPR (Dream Perfect Regime), is a Korean hip-hop crew that appeared in the music world in 2017, and since then have only released hits!

They’re NOT a boy group, in-fact they are far from that! They’re a team, that works on different platforms to produce a collective art piece of both music and visual performance. Each and every individual is a valuable asset to this group.

On DPR’s main website there is a better explanation to who they are:

“dream perfect regime (dpr) is a multi-genre music and video group. we create, direct, produce and edit all types of visual work as well as curate artisits that derive from various musical backgrounds and influences. based in seoul, our collective’s main focus is to engage all audiences by actualizing a distinctive audiovisual experince.”

Let’s take a look at the main collectives that compose DPR:

DPR LIVE, (real name: Hong DaBin,) is the main rapper of the crew. At first, he didn’t know if he wanted to do music. According to an interview by Billboard, it was either becoming a teacher or music. However, after doing his mandatory Korean military service, he learned a lot about ambition and what he wanted for himself. So, immediately after completing his military services, he began chasing his dreams!

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DPR IAN, (real name: Christian Yu or Yu Barom), is the visual director. DPR IAN and LIVE met way back before DPR formed! Before starting DPR, IAN made his appearance in the music industry under the nickname ROME in the k-pop group, C-Clown. In terms of videography, IAN is a “visual genius!” He has crafted some of the best MV’s for DPR, my favorite being “Jasmine.” IAN has also worked with multiple other artists such as Amber from f(X), MINO from Winner, and BOBBY from IKON.

Here is an example of one of the older music videos but my favorite of DPR’s visionary creations:

Here’s another favorite:

DPR REM, (real name: Scott Kim), is the creative director and executive producer. Originally from New York, REM came to Seoul where he met the artist, Amber Liu, formerly from f(x). The two worked together on the show “WhatthePineapple.” Around this time, Amber introduced REM to IAN and the two hit it off. And soon after they met, he became an addition to DPR.

DPR CREAM, (real name: Kim KyungMo), is the musical producer. Born and raised in South Korea, CREAM started his musical journey in 2011 as a part of the group Laybacksound. Through the group, he had knowledge of instruments and producing, as well as singing. CREAM would join DPR in 2015 after the release of “Till I Die.”

DPR CLINE, (real name: Jimmy Cline), is DPR Live’s first cousin and supporter! He was apart of Please and Playlist MV’s

In the first two years before debut, DPR REM and IAN produced work for other artists in order to raise capital for their own projects. They worked on MV’s such as: Wake Me Up by Taeyang from BigBang, HOLUP! by Bobby from IKON, and BODY by MINO. Through working with other artists, DPR REM and IAN made connections and became a recognizable brand.

LIVE says,

“Our team got together through passion at first. It was more friendship, more family. We’re doing what we love. Honestly, I feel like that’s not really easy to do in this day and age, especially to do business together.”

DPR started out with the M/V “Till I Die” followed by “Eung Freestyle” which racked up in views and recognition for DPR!

On March 15, 2017, the EP “Comming to You Live” was released. To make this EP, it took about one year in total but one year of hard work and dedication. The EP consists of seven different songs featuring various different artists such as; Crush, Jay Park, Loco, and DEAN. The success of this album unleashed a wider fanbase and allowed fans to get to know who DPR is.

Some of my favorite songs on the album include; Cheese and Wine, Know Me, Please, and To Myself!

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The EP is available on Spotify and M/V’s on YouTube!

In all of the DPR tracks and music videos, we can see the devotion to music and creativity they all have. They’re a rare gem in the Korean industry and bring something to the table that many have not thought of doing before.

Recently, DPR released the album, “DPR Archives” which consists of 11 different songs. Each showcases a part of who DPR is. Tracks 6-10 are individual tracks of DPR, IAN, CREAM, LIVE, and REM.

Below is one of DPR’s latest visual production, “Kiss Me + Neon” which was part of the 2020 “Is Anybody Out There” album release.

DPR says to Billboard:

“The fact that this opportunity is right here is so crazy for me because I grew up listening to a lot music, a lot being American. And I always thought, you know, me being bilingual, just looking at the quality of both music, it’s both up to par. But Korean music has just as nice flavor, amazing qualities. [It’s] just the world doesn’t know yet. And obviously America is everywhere. Everyone knows. And I’m just excited to close the gap a little more.”

Because of DPR’s passion, creativity, and patience; they have become notable artists in the Korean music scene, and honestly I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next!

I hope this article allowed you to get to know a little bit about who DPR is and encouraged you to check out their music!

Check more of DPR on Instagram here. Below is one of DPR’s latest post!